Value Engineered Solutions

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Structural Innovations Australia provides a full design, documentation and certification service with a focus on quality, constructability and cost-effective solutions. We work closely with our clients from the planning phase until the construction is complete to deliver value engineered solutions that are on time and to budget.

To do this, we work with our clients to identify their structural requirements for the renovation, refurbishment or new build for their residential, commercial or industrial project.

We don’t just provide a standard design. Instead we create a concept design to meet their objectives, or we explain to our clients, in plain English, what changes they need to make so their design will meet budget and program.

Best of all, our Company Director/Senior Structural Engineer, is involved from the start until the finish to ensure that your design is compliant, cost-effective and can be constructed efficiently.

No challenge is too complex for our team to resolve – quickly, accurately and efficiently.


Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineering services offer value for large and small projects, by providing a comprehensive service. In fact, our team fully designs and documents every element to ensure your project will be cost-effective, practical to build and have no surprises during construction. Structural Innovations Australia provides innovative structural solutions that fit within the architectural intent of the design and will deliver time and cost savings for our clients.

Our structural engineering capabilities cover unique architectural homes; simple home renovations; complex home modifications; medium and high-density residential developments up to 20-storeys high; industrial buildings and commercial projects.

Our structural team’s in-depth technical skills combined with our experience of working collaboratively with architects, developers, builders and the government provides safe, practical, innovative and cost-effective engineering design solutions for our clients.



Foundation Engineering

Structural Innovations Australia delivers site-specific foundation design for your residential, industrial or commercial project. This includes screw piles, concrete piles, structural retaining walls and raft slabs.

Our focus is to provide simple solutions to complex engineering problems. That’s why we work collaboratively with our clients and geotechnical engineers to determine the right solution to challenging technical issues for basement excavations, soft soils, reactive clays, steep sites and deep foundation works.

This results in developing a value engineered foundation design solution that is safe, constructable and provides economic value for your structure and the specific site conditions.



Certification Services

Structural Innovations Australia provides structural engineering certification services for building projects throughout Australia. We are registered and able to provide structural certification services in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria to ensure your structural components comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

Our engineers use their extensive and practical experience to identify any defects and provide clear instructions on how these must be rectified to ensure compliance.

Once the defects are rectified, the engineer working with you on your project will then do a final inspection and provide a structural certification stating that your project complies with local or state government regulations as well as all relevant Australian Standards.

Form 16, Inspections and Certifications

Our certification service is offered to our clients as part of our full design, documentation and certification service. This includes providing a comprehensive Form 16 (or equivalent) for the following structural elements:

  • Slab and Footings
  • Retaining walls
  • Suspended slabs
  • Concrete columns and structural walls
  • Timber Framing, Bracing and Tie Down
  • Structural Steel
  • Concrete Swimming pools and Tanks



Investigation and Reporting

Structural Innovations Australia provides independent engineering investigation and reporting services for building projects throughout Australia.

Our engineers use their extensive engineering expertise to identify structural integrity issues and undertake a detailed assessment to determine the cause and provide advice for rectification, where required. The results are provided in a detailed, easy-to-understand, report.

This service covers a range of investigation services including:

  • forensic investigation into structural integrity issues for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • pre-purchase inspection and structural condition reports for homes, body corporate and strata management committees
  • underpinning and rectification inspections to provide recommendations for structures with cracked walls, sinking foundations, damaged slabs, leaning retaining walls
  • pre-construction inspections to provide a detailed dilapidation survey and reports
  • engineering feasibility investigations
  • Insurance inspections and reports



Soil Testing and Reporting

To ensure that your structure has the right foundation for the site subsurface conditions, Structural Innovations Australia provides a comprehensive soil testing and reporting service for your project.

The soil testing, or site classification, as it is known, is necessary to ensure the right foundation design for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We undertake this service before our design process starts and ensure fast delivery times so that your project deadlines will be met.



Our Structural Engineering Projects

Structural Innovations Australia works with you to provide value through innovation, problem-solving and technical excellence.

Through our extensive experience working with home owners, builders, architects, site teams and government departments, we provide our clients with structural engineering design to meet your time and budget requirements. We engineer your vision.

Refer to the list of projects we provide for our client. If your project isn’t listed below, contact us to see how we can help.


Small to Medium Residential

Design of new multi-storey residential buildings up to 20 storeys high

New concrete swimming pools – inground, above ground or on suspended slabs

Retaining wall structures made from concrete, timber, boulder rock or masonry

Residential design includes - slab and footings, retaining walls, timber framing, bracing and tie down, structural steel beams, suspended slabs including post-tensioning, reinforced concrete design and steel framing.

Custom homes
Project Builders
Townhouse developments
Duplex developments


Change the floor plan or create an open plan living in an existing structure

Removing load bearing walls

Addition of a new storey

Extending your structure

Lifting existing houses to create legal height floor space underneath


Commercial buildings – shopping centres, office buildings

Educational buildings – childcare centres, schools, TAFEs, universities

Sporting buildings

Water retaining structures - Tanks, swimming pools

Retaining wall structures made from concrete, timber, boulder rock or masonry


Industrial buildings made from steel framed portals, precast concrete tilt panels


Car park structures

Retaining wall structures made from concrete, timber, boulder rock or masonry