Harbour Town Shopping Centre Information Kiosk

Master Steel approached us to provide the structural design of the steel framing.

Project Background

The client, Master Steel, were involved in building an Information Kiosk at the Harbour Town Shopping Centre.

Master Steel approached us to provide the structural design of the steel framing.


Our Brief

It was essential to our client that the steel framing was designed and documented so that the manufacture and installation of the steel beams and connections was simple.

Our brief was the design and detail the steel frame to be able to be bolted quickly on-site so that construction could occur during night shift when the shopping centre was closed for business.


The Challenge

A challenge was the location of the information Kiosk. It was in the middle of the newly renovated section of Harbour Town Shopping Centre. This meant that access to the Kiosk was challenging.

The other challenge was that there was little information relating to the location, size, type and number of existing underground services.

It was essential to co-ordinate the design with the location of the existing services, to ensure that the structural steel design would suit the service locations.


The Outcome

The structural steel frame and connections were individually detailed to ensure that the steelwork could be bolted on site and the design accommodated each existing service.

As the structural steel frame was powder coated, it was imperative that it fit together without the need for any site cutting or welding, to ensure that the coating remained intact.

The result was that the construction of the Kiosk was completed without any issues on site and was constructed ahead of schedule.